It’s nearly Christmas Time…!

The nights are longer, there’s a chill in the air, and it can only mean one thing… The A Cappella Christmas Concert is coming! On Monday the 1st of December all 8 of our groups will come together for a festive extravaganza in the Southernhay United Reformed Church by Princesshay, so if you’re looking to … Continue reading


Well done to XTV, NASTA has just made NATIONAL TV, and the Sweet Nothings will be there right in the centre of it!!! Saturday 5:30-6 at the Drinks reception and 9:45 on the stage!   And, even better, if you go onto Scroll down on the right of the video to find The Venue – XTV’s Music Show‘s … Continue reading


Just as we all break up for Easter and nobody’s around to do anything or protest, the university has decided to hit us with a huge announcement: They’re going to close Knightley and move Music to Cornwall House!!!!   I know, as a society, we don’t all use Knightley, but for those of you … Continue reading

Election Results!!!

As the skies blackened with rain and the streetlamps flickered in the gloom, a fierce and dangerous battle was taking place. Deep inside Cornwall House, the very future of the A Cappella Society was being decided in gruesome verbal contests of wit and will. Hoarse tones, vociferous rantings, hollering, sharp quips, Eureka ideas. Yes, tonight … Continue reading

Harmonics Spring Concert (Featuring Madrigals and Take Note)

Fantastic performances tonight. Harmonics, Take Note AND Madrigals – complete with bows, arrows and Robin Hood hats. Been a BIG day for A Cappella Society. For the penultimate day of my presidency – what a wonderful way to end! Thank you everyone!!!! Harmonics: Hide and Seek Madrigals: Three Country Dances Take Note: Let it Be

Committee Nominations Now Closed

With VFUK final tomorrow, it seems almost blasphemous to insert this here, but A Cappella committee nominations are now closed and proxy voting has opened. The very future of the society is being decided as Semi-Toned head off to glory in London. Exciting stuff!

Class of 2013 Annual Fund

Fantastic performances from Illuminations Exeter and Semi-Toned at Mama Stones last night… our groups sure are busy at the moment!!!  

Lafrowda Ball

With less than 7 hours to go before VFUK, it almost seems odd to be saying this, but well done Semi-Toned lads for their performance at the James Bond themed Lafrowda Ball last night. Let’s hope today goes just as well.  

Pitch Perfect Flashmob

Well done to Take Note and Semi-Toned for their flashmobs last night at Pitch Perfect at the Campus Cinema. Keep it up. And – ready for the terrible pun? “They pitched the perfect movie for that flashmob!” 🙂

Illuminations Wedding Performance

Congratulations to ILLUMINATIONS for their excellent performance during a wedding ceremony in Tiverton yesterday. Next up… VFUK!!!