Just as we all break up for Easter and nobody’s around to do anything or protest, the university has decided to hit us with a huge announcement:

They’re going to close Knightley and move Music to Cornwall House!!!!


I know, as a society, we don’t all use Knightley, but for those of you who rehearse in Cornwall House – this means you will be you will be forced out by music groups who will take over the space. You will be forced to find somewhere else to rehearse…


We can’t let this happen!
Groups who rehearse in Knightley will lose out. Net loss of space and rehearsal rooms.
Groups who rehearse in Cornwall House will lose out. Fewer rooms available – and all in more demand.
Our whole society loses out.


We cannot let this happen!


Sign the petition:
Join the Facebook group:
And like the page to show how much you want Knightley to stay:


The university *MAY* agree to let the new extunes president go to the meeting on 3rd April (middle of Easter holiday- read into that what you will). If you have concerns etc, email them to her: and she WILL voice them. Knightley’s too important to go on holiday for.


It’s down to us, guys. We fund this university. We are the demand curve. Freshers are paying £9k a year, and for what? To be moved to Cornwall House?

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