Just as we all break up for Easter and nobody’s around to do anything or protest, the university has decided to hit us with a huge announcement: They’re going to close Knightley and move Music to Cornwall House!!!!   I know, as a society, we don’t all use Knightley, but for those of you … Continue reading

End of Term

The term is now over, the new committee is in, and most of the groups have gone home… But not the Sweet Nothings. If you’re around this Easter and feeling bored – check them out at NaSTA on the 6th April. That’s right, those girls never cease to amaze. Meanwhile, in other shocking news, it’s … Continue reading

A Cappella society twitter account

New publicity officer Bethan Jones gets straight on it making our society’s first ever twitter account. Aren’t you glad you voted for her! Follow us on twitter! @AcaExeter

Election Results!!!

As the skies blackened with rain and the streetlamps flickered in the gloom, a fierce and dangerous battle was taking place. Deep inside Cornwall House, the very future of the A Cappella Society was being decided in gruesome verbal contests of wit and will. Hoarse tones, vociferous rantings, hollering, sharp quips, Eureka ideas. Yes, tonight … Continue reading

Harmonics Spring Concert (Featuring Madrigals and Take Note)

Fantastic performances tonight. Harmonics, Take Note AND Madrigals – complete with bows, arrows and Robin Hood hats. Been a BIG day for A Cappella Society. For the penultimate day of my presidency – what a wonderful way to end! Thank you everyone!!!! Harmonics: Hide and Seek Madrigals: Three Country Dances Take Note: Let it Be

Exeter Pride

Well done to Illuminations Exeter and Semi-Toned for their performances today in the forum for Exeter Pride.  

Semi-Toned reach the dizzying heights of NATIONAL TV!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right, clips of the boys singing at the VFUK final featured on last night’s “The One Show”   And if you missed it, see them on the One Show here:   Screenshot:     And outtake screenshot, the amazing workshop beforehand. Look so happy!

upcoming this week

Two exciting concerts coming up. TONIGHT! See Sweet Nothings and Illuminations AND Harmonics tonight at Jamnesty THURSDAY! Harmonics Spring Concert (featuring Take Note and Madrigals). 6:30pm Chapel Exciting stuff! Aren’t Harmonics a wonderfully busy group?

Voice Festival Final – Results are in!!!

It’s those dreaded moments when the winner of the Voice Festival 2013 is announced… Drumroll… Semi-Toned fought bravely, harder than any of the rest of us could have… But in the end, the coveted prize went to Vive from the Guildhall School of Music. Well done to them – a fantastic performance. Exeter fought well, … Continue reading

Semi-Toned road trip to vfuk final

Check out the boys as they travel Top Gear style!