Bath retaliates

It’s war! Advertisements

Sweet Nothings have upped their game

Check out the girls’ new promo vid for VFUK 2013   TICKETS HERE:

Pitch Perfect Flashmob

Well done to Take Note and Semi-Toned for their flashmobs last night at Pitch Perfect at the Campus Cinema. Keep it up. And – ready for the terrible pun? “They pitched the perfect movie for that flashmob!” 🙂

Illuminations Wedding Performance

Congratulations to ILLUMINATIONS for their excellent performance during a wedding ceremony in Tiverton yesterday. Next up… VFUK!!!

Cavern Charity evening

Well done to Sweet Nothings for their performance at the Cavern last night. Great last minute practice for VFUK!!!

Exeter Regional Preview

The preview’s out for next weekend’s competition and things are starting to heat up over here. Sweet Nothings “seemed to lack a real sense of direction in their set” last year, did they? Girls – it’s time to prove him wrong!!! One thing’s for sure, Mark’s right: “this Regional really is wide open” Let the bloodbath … Continue reading

Chinese New Year celebrations

Well done to Semi-Toned for their performance tonight at the Chinese New Years celebrations. Calligraphy, tea making, and traditional Chinese music. Exciting stuff! Gong xi fa cai! Gong hey fat choy!

Semi-Toned are getting ready!

Other groups – beware!

Take Note at Old People’s home

Well done Take Note for Wednesday. I hear the visit to the Old People’s home went down well.

All you need is A Cappella!

Well done to Take Note and Harmonics for their performance at John Gandy’s tonight. Rocked out the top floor with beautiful sounds. Just imagine how amazing would it have been to have been a total stranger and walk in downstairs hearing those harmonies floating from above! Wow… Good job guys!