Sweet Nothings at Bowling Green

Well done to Sweet Nothings for their performance at the Bowling Green last night. Two nights in a row girls, well done!!! Advertisements

Last Night at Mama Stones

Another fantastic night for Semi-Toned and Sweet Nothings. Next up: Sunday 4th November. A Cappella invades the Firehouse!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/294420314000537/?fref=ts


Check out the photos of Saturday Night’s concert here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=467204233318666&set=a.467203966652026.103353.187877317918027&type=1&theater

Semi-Toned’s guest appearance with the Military Wives

Well done to Semi-Toned last night – guest appearance with the Lympstone Military Wives! Comments from the audience: “Amazing” “Brilliant” “Highlight of the show” “Stole the show” “You’re going places boys” “In 10 years time I want to be able to say I spoke to you now” Lot of paparazzi style photos in the VIP … Continue reading

Drink Olympics Social

Great social last night. Thanks to everyone who came. So we have it ladies and gentlemen, your President is the worst drinker in the society! Despite drinking water (on anti-biotics), I still came last at every event. Oh dear. Vote of no confidence anyone? Good luck to Semi-Toned who’ll be performing with the Military Wives … Continue reading

Community Action Social at Mama Stones

Another fantastic night! Illuminations stunned audiences with their debut performance of the academic year and Sweet Nothings and Semi-Toned wowed as usual. Check our youtube channel for a few videos of the night! Favourite video, certain committee members get a little excited!

Tanzania Concert

Thanks to everyone who came last night to the Tanzania fundraising event. The new Sweet Nothings gave their debut performance, Semi-Toned performed for about the 6th time this term, and our very own president had a go at beatboxing! Next up: Sweet Nothings, Illuminations and Semi-Toned at Mama Stones on Monday 22nd. See you tomorrow!

Upcoming Events

Boy we have a lot on this term. Enjoy! October: 20th Semi-Toned at the Tanzania fundraising event, Kay House 7:30pm 27th Semi-Toned guest appearance with the Military Wives, University Great Hall 7:30pm 29th Sweet Nothings and Semi-Toned at Mama Stones November: 4th A Cappella Society invades the Firehouse! 8pm onwards 10th Semi-Toned, Illuminations and Take … Continue reading

Semi-Toned at the Firehouse

♪ Having already flashmobbed the forum three times, sung Barbara Ann to the Mayor at the MacMillan coffee ‘morning,’ made a guest appearance in the Rotten Apple Orchestra’s set two weeks ago and generally been seen singing in and around pubs for the past three weeks, it was high time for Semi-Toned’s first official performance … Continue reading