President: Elizabeth Ackerley

Vice President: Emily Botsford

Treasurer: Zoe Fitzsimmons

Secretary: Charlotte Mckeown


October 2011 – Illuminations founded

Illuminations were formed by Emily Botsford and Charlotte Mckeown in October 2011. An auditioned mixed a cappella group singing a wide selection of music ranging from 80′s to modern pop, musicals, and opera.

March 2012 – Voice Festival 2012

Sweet Nothings returned to the competition after a 3 year break, and this time were joined by Semi-Toned. Competing in the Bristol regional round, both groups performed admirably, and won 3 awards between them. In Semi-Toned, Edward Henley was given an award for “Outstanding Arrangement” for his “Jaundice;” Jack Telfer-St-Claire won an award for “Outstanding Vocal Percussion” and the Sweet Nothings won an award for “Outstanding Overall Performance”

May 2012 – The Queen Visits

The Queen visits to open the new forum and many of the A Cappella society get the chance to sing to her inside the new auditorium as part of a select chamber choir. Sweet Nothings and Semi-Toned also get to sing to the crowds outside.


Photos & Videos

Hoi at the summer concert 2011

“Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga: Jon Bull and Simon Eaton get a little carried away:

“I don’t wanna be friends”

Madrigals Christmas Concert 2011

Semi-Toned’s award-winning “Jaundice”

“Don’t you want me now” Semi-Toned at the Spring Showcase

Michael Jackson Medley, Hoi at the Spring Showcase:


The Retiring President:


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