President: Matt Pollard

Vice President: Rachael Barber

Secretary: Alice Turvey

Treasurer: Chris Richards

Events Officer: Sam Miles


October 2007 – Hoi Rhapsodoi founded

Founded in 2007 by Tom Simpson as an offshoot from Chapel Choir, to sing high-quality classical music. Originally an octet.

Name comes from the Greek meaning “Group of Singers”

Christmas 2007 – First joint concert

The society’s first ever joint concert with all 3 groups, including a joint piece, “Baby it’s Cold Outside,” with Perfect Fourth and Sweet Nothings.

March 2008 – Sweet Nothings compete in ICCA 2008

The girls competed in the ICCA competition and made it to the quarter final in Oxford.

Summer 2008 – Perfect Fourth comes to an end

Sadly the group reached its end with the most of the members graduating or leaving. A dark day in the history of the society indeed.


Photos & Videos

The original Hoi

L to R: Sophie Nicholson, Patrick Berry, Erika Borley, Ben Foulds, Marianne Butler, Tom Simpson, Alice Carter & Callum Brown

Original Hoi

Perfect Fourth performing February 2008

L to R: Matt Pollard, Darren Oliver, Tom Helps, Chris Richards, Sam Miles and Ben Russell

And the rehearsal in the toilets beforehand! (Darren conducting)


Sweet Nothings competing in ICCA:


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