October 2006 -Sweet Nothings founded

The all-female group from Exeter University, who sing a range of pop and jazz songs. Formed by Emily Godfree and Amy Walters.

Easter 2007 – Perfect Fourth founded

An all male a cappella group mostly singing barbershop music and made popular by their infamous “Penis Song.”

Formed by Matt Pollard, the original members included: Sam Miles, Chris Richards, Tom Helps, Darren Oliver and Ben Russell (later replaced by Mike Gormley).

Summer 2007 – A Cappella Society Founded!!!

At the time, a group could not get Guild affiliation unless they had at least 26 members, and were not allowed to apply for Guild funding or advertise on campus unless they were an official Guild society.

Amy Walters from Sweet Nothings approached Matt Pollard (who was also heavily involved with the Guild at the time) about this and wondered if there was any way to get around this. Matt himself was thinking about the same issues in relation to Perfect Fourth, but knew he could never put up posters and claim ignorance because of his Guild involvement, so he hatched the idea of creating an umbrella “A Cappella Society” where groups could grow and all be eligible for Guild affiliation. Within a day they had 30 members and so the society was born.

The members were not necessarily in any particular group at this point, but the idea was that membership gave you access to various joint workshops throughout the year such as beatboxing and singing by ear. There was a membership fee for the society (minimum the Guild would allow) but individual groups could charge more for their various kitties.


First committee:

President: Matt Pollard

Vice President: Rachael Barber

Secretary: Alice Turvey

Treasurer: Chris Richards

Publicity Officer: Sam Miles


Photos & Videos

El Presidente:

Matt Pollard

First Committee (Secretary Alice Turvery and Vice President Rachael Barber)

Alice & Rachael

First Committee (Treasurer Chris Richards and Publicity Officer Sam Miles)

Sam & Chris

Founders of the Sweet Nothings (Amy Walters and Emily Godfree)

Sweet Nothing Founders

The original Sweet Nothings:

Back row L to R: Lucy Moffitt, Amy Chittenden, Alice Coulson, Laura Kitching

Front row L to R: Emily Godfree, Louisa Sampson, Amy Walters, Alison Ward

Original Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings in the University’s Chapel, March 2007

Sweet Nothings in the Long Lounge


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